Comfort and Convenience for All

Holiday Inn & Suites Anaheim is committed to following ADA and WCAG regulations in order to ensure both the website and the property are accessible to all, including guests with special needs. Here you’ll find a list of accessibility features offered on property. However, if you notice anything on the website or at the hotel that could be improved, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and hotel staff will immediately address the issue.

Accessible Features

Our hotel and rooms offer a variety of accessibility features, which may be booked on our website directly or by calling 1-800-824-5459. If you require additional information about the accessible features offered at any of our hotels (including further details about accessible rooms) or any other accessibility concerns, please call 714-535-0300, or email us at

Hotel Parking Features:

  • There are sufficient accessible parking stalls available. Standard parking charges apply.

Hotel Mobility Features (Applies to selected ADA rooms):

  • There is access to the hotel through the main entrance.
  • There is elevator access to all floors.
  • The main floor washroom is accessible.
  • The entrance has space to complete 360° turns.
  • The doorways are wide enough for maneuvering.
  • There is space for a wheelchair to move easily in the guest room and washroom.
  • Hotel offers available 1 bedroom suite to share with caregivers (no connecting rooms available).
  • The telephone is reachable from the bed.
  • The shower is a roll-in.
  • The shower has an attached seat.
  • There is a reachable hand-held shower head.
  • There are grab bars in shower/bath.
  • The shower/tub is equipped with a non-slip surface.
  • The bathtub is low enough to be accessible.
  • The toilet height meets ADA requirements.
  • Grab bars are available in relation to the toilet.
  • The bathroom sink is lowered with the ability to fit a wheelchair underneath.
  • Bathroom sink pipes are insulated to prevent burns.
  • Sink taps are reachable.
  • Kitchens feature accessible appliances and sink.

Hotel Vision and Hearing Features:

  • The telephone is adaptable for persons with hearing disabilities.
  • There is a visual or flashing alarm in case of fire.
  • There is a bed shaker attachment for the fire alarm and the alarm clock available.
  • Staff can provide a verbal description of the room.
  • The phone in the room has an audible signal to indicate a message.

Hotel Environment:

  • This is a non-smoking hotel.

ADA Features Not Available at this location

Hotel Parking Features:

  • There is room for a van with a side ramp.

Hotel Mobility Features:

  • There is a pool lift to access pool.

Hotel Vision and Hearing Features:

  • There is an induction loop at the front desk.
  • There is an induction loop in the conference rooms.

Hotel Environment:

  • The hotel is a fragrance-free environment.